Tango Mas Tango Company

Six couples, three of them World Champions in Tango Salón category.
"The true tango that is danced in the halls for the first time on stage"!

A tango show with the idea, direction and general production of:
Roberto Zuccarino.

A room, sounds of tango...
A man and a woman, together in embrace.
They hold it, between music and floor.
And in that embrace, among other things, so many stories, so many emotions.
And this intimacy will travel, throughout the stage, and even further, crossing
our senses, to 
surround also us in that embrace...

"Tango Más Tango" is a show that offers to overcome the partitions that are so strong in the tango environment, to transform the stage into the dance floor, where the true meeting takes place.

The challenge to get close to such intimacy took us to call these amazing artists, 6 couples, young people, who have outspread our art throughout the world; three of them are World Champions in 
Tango Salón category.
The company 
"Tango Más Tango" is composed by Roberto Zuccarino & Magdalena Valdéz, Sebastián Achával & Roxana Suárez, Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa, Maria Inés Bogado & Sebastian Jimenez.
Generation that is magnified by the youngest and most talented voice of urban music, Nayla Danchuk, finalist of the contest "Talentos Argentinos", accompanied by 
noone less than the Voice of Tango, Hernán Frizzera, our representative on all the best stages in Buenos Aires and all over the world.

To close this list of figures we are proud to announce the presence on stage of "Tango + Tango" Sextet.
A cast capable to unfold their art with a special delicacy. An art that will not reproduce what is visible, but will make visible the impalpability  of this present 

Duration: 80 minutes

The Cast
Sebastián Achával & Roxana Suárez
Daniel Nacucchio & Cristina Sosa
Jonathan Saavedra & Clarisa Aragón
Leandro Gomez & Romina Levin
Roberto Zuccarino & Maria Ines Bogado

Roberto Zuccarino



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